The karat is a unit of purity for gold. The karat weight of gold is an important factor in buying gold jewellery. It indicates the percentage of real gold in any piece of jewellery.

Karat purity is measured as 24 times the pure mass divided by the total mass; therefore 24 Karat gold is fine (24 karat gold is actually 99.9% pure and fine gold). It is soft, almost flexible and easy to break. That is why it is not always used in the making of modern jewellery that often features delicate designs. Other metals like silver, copper, and zinc are added to pure gold in small quantities to make it workable, durable and even colourful.

Karat Gold Purity % Hallmark
14 58.3 583
15 62.5 625
18 75 750
20 83.3 833
21 87.5 875
22 91.6 916
23 95.8 958
24 99.9 999