Kuhjohl - Sterlingly yours

Kuhjohl is a division of Orosil Smiths India Ltd. (formerly known as Silver Smith India Ltd.). Incorporated in 1994, Orosil has been contributing an array of amazing products to the high end couture jewellery sector in India and overseas. With the perpetually growing demand of sterling silver jewellery, Orosil- with its immense experience and expertise in the field of jewellery created and launched Kuhjohl - a designer jewellery brand.  Each piece of “Kuhjohl” sterling silver ornaments made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA is crafted to perfection and plated with finest Rhodium.
We continuously devote our resources to research & analysis of trends & jewellery forecast in order to design the latest product in keeping with international standards.

Kuhjohl’s jewellery collection is a refreshingly mesmerizing & distinct fusion of both tradition as well as modernity. We feature in believing to take the time and stamp a meaningful word or expression for someone at their request than to have them only settle on something chosen by us.
We desire each piece to be unique and special for each and every customer and have meaning for them or to whomever they wish to gift it to.
Our gems have life in them, their colors speak, say what words fail at it will be extremely gratifying even if one of our pieces speaks to you. And if there is something specific you wish, let us know and we will create it exclusively for you.
Indulge yourself in these exclusive designs and experience beauty that will last you a lifetime.

To complement every aspect of your persona - ethereal, real, delicate, powerful and to celebrate everyday and every occasion that life brings your way....

Kuhjohl Sterling Silver Jewellery made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA is, the latest innovation and addition to the Pure Brilliance Concept for Zirconia. The ultimate classic diamond cut, the Round Pure Brilliance Cut with its 57 facets, is the keystone of the SWAROVSKI GEMS™ Pure Brilliance concept. Each stone is crafted to meet the most stringent criteria of color, quality, size and shape, resulting in a uniformity of calibration and quality unrivaled in the industry. As a sign of authenticity and quality, every SWAROVSKI GEMS™ Pure Brilliance Zirconia has a microscopic "SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA" laser engraving assuring customers that they are buying only the finest quality.