Silver Earring KGE00021d
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Silver Earring KGE00021d

Brand: Kuhjohl - Sterlingly yours
Product Code: KGE00021d
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Graphic Line - Going around in circles, thinking out of the box. Playing fair and square, cutting corners, triangulations and power pentagons. Joining the dots from which emerge crystal lines of clarity that outline life as it is. The Graphic Lines Collection draws inspiration from the simplicity of bold lines and a basic geometry that shapes our lives.
Kuhjohl is a fusion of tradition & modernity. When words are less & expressions are more, it brings the name in mind that is Kuhjohl. It makes you smitten by its sheer classy beauty. Born out of the alchemy of sterling silver and intricacies of the mind, crafted with passion, designer silver jewellery Kuhjohl for you, an eternal beauty. A brand that has been brought into deep insight and understanding of the sensitivity, creativity and technicality which is essential for jewellery designing & manufacturing. Every piece of Kuhjohl Sterling Silver Jewellery made with SWAROVSKI ZIRCONIA & SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is platted with fine Rhodium and polished to perfection.
Kuhjohl Sterling Silver Earring made with SWAROVSKI Zirconia is, the latest innovation and addition to the Pure Brilliance Concept for Zirconia. The ultimate classic diamond cut, the Round Pure Brilliance Cut with its 57 facets, is the keystone of the SWAROVSKI GEMS Pure Brilliance Concept.
Gross Weight (gm) 10.184
Height (mm) 42
Metal Sterling Silver
Net Weight (gm) 8.517
No. Of Stones 155
Polish Rhodium Plated
Stone Weight (carat) 8.33
Width (mm) 22